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Try to imagine what your ideal wedding would be like... are you planning to have a large or more intimate party? What kind of style do you like: exuberant, discreet, romantic, country, modern, minimalist or sophisticated? Would you prefer to have dinner or a lunch, do you envisage it taking place in the summer or spring, autumn or even in the winter? What part of the wedding do you value most? What impressed you most at weddings you've been to: the food, the decoration or the entertainment? Once you have a rough idea of the kind of wedding you'd like, browse our service options.

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We have 17 components to choose from to make up your wedding service-pack (all you need for your big day); most components are available in four price ranges, we've given each price range a name: TERESA, MARIA, ANA and SPECIAL OPTIONS. This means you can create your service-pack to measure.

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Using the spreadsheet, combine the ingredients you want to create your ideal service-pack. Start by choosing the components you want, then for each select the service option/ price range that fits your needs. Combine in any way you want, just click on your choices or if you prefer ask for our help, the choice is yours.


O que precisa ? For the various parts of the day. Ask us everything you want to know, down to the smallest detail. See our albums and get inspired or tell us what inspires you.


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Decide on the pack you want, Knowing that you can always alter any service options later on, even after you've booked the day. The menu is usually only decided upon after the tasting meal, which is served for the couple and respective parents. Once you've visited the venue, if you like what you saw and the services we offer, the next step is to book the day . We are with you to make your perfect day happen.

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