1 decoracao

The first step in successfully planning your wedding is to really think through your overall style.
Style encompasses everything, from invitations to the dress, the decor at home, at the ceremony and at the venue, the menus, the seating plan, the wedding favours, the cake and all the little details of the day.


The decoration chosen for the venue will determine, to a great extent, the "mood" created for the wedding. While it is easy to choose details that appeal to you, it can sometimes be difficult to combine everything harmoniously, so that it works as a whole. At the Quinta do Hespanhol, we help you plan all the details that go into the decoration of the venue so that your style shows through.
If you already know what your style is we will help to turn your ideas into reality. Or if you're not sure what to go with, you can count on our help, with ideas and inspiration, to help define your style, plan the day and create the mood that goes with you.

2 Colour ...

choosing the colour palette is the second step in planning the decoration. You can use complementary or contrasting colours to create different moods. The choice of colour can be present in all the elements or it can be used to highlight certain details. The range of colours (of the flowers) varies according to the season and your budget.


table linens, We have a wide range of colours and fabrics, from linen to silk and cotton which can be used on their own or with a variety of details (placemats, napkin cases, table runners, etc.)

3 flowers

The flowers are the final touch to the decoration. You can choose simple country flowers or go for something more sophisticated . . . whatever your choice, your wedding just wouldn't be the same without them! All the flowers we use are fresh , irrespective of the price of the 'service' chosen.


the flower arrangements can be: discreet, romantic, imposing, exuberant, minimalist or just simply unusual. They can be made in glass vases, porcelain jugs, glass bottles and jars, woden boxes or in water filled bowls with floating candles .You can also choose from a variety of candlesticks or go for the simple wooden log candle holders, all of which can be used with the simplest or most sophisticated flowers or even with wild fruits, jellies or sweets. The choice is yours.

4 details

they make all the difference! You can hand pick each detail to suit your style and personality.


Here are some details to consider ...

Candles give a romantic and intimate touch to the decoration, both indoors and outdoors. We help you choose all the details that will make your wedding stand out. SEATING PLAN indoor or outdoors, pinned on a sunlit window or hanging from a tree, on a chalkboard, or decorative screen, with frames on an old wooden door, in a vintage grocery cupboard... Wedding Favours exclusive handmade gifts. NAPKINS tied with ribbons, with calligraphy tags, flowers, napkin cases ... Graphics we'll help you to coordinate your printed work with the rest of the decor and mood, wither you decide to DIY it or work with a printing service. Personalised Signs hand painted, with directions, funny phrases, favourite quotations or simply with the bride and grooms names and the special date. Chalkboard style or on real wood, strained, painted or distressed. Guest Book we can help with inspiration for alternative guest book ideas or, if you already have one, with ideas for creating a great setting for it. Confetti Cones with fresh rose petals (and rice for luck), or soap bubbles, or paper confetti or lavender... PHOTOBOOTH INDISPENSABLE FOR A FUN WEDDING, WHETHER YOU DECIDE TO HAVE IT OUTDOORS OR IN THE RECEPTION HALL. IT'S A GREAT ICEBREAKER AND IS GARANTEED TO GET YOU SOME BRILLIANT INFORMAL SNAPSHOTS. Picture frame wall with all your favourite pictures - from your engagement session or family album.

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