Know More ... Know More ... Service 1 - €87,39 (€76,41 service + €10,98 tax) Service 2 - €94,51 (€82,71 service + €11,80 tax) Know More ... Know More ... Service 3 - €103,91 (€90,76 service + €13,15 tax) Service 4 - €109,91 (€95,76 service + €14,15 tax)

Note: On Saturdays, during the high season, the minimum number of guests (adults) is 150.
The High season is from the begining of May until the end of October.
The prices given in this brochure are only valid for events with a minimum of 80 (adult) guests. For events with a smaller number of guests please ask us for a quote.

At the Quinta do Hespanhol we have everything you need for your weding. The "complete packs" shown here are examples constructed from the À la Carte Service, for other options or combinations please consult the à la carte service brochure or feel free to ask us for help.

We also have several excelent entertainment options

  • Bands
  • DJs
  • Lights (leds) and led dance floors
  • Entertainment for children


As we only host one event a day, each wedding has exclusive use of the venue. Basically, the Quinta is yours for the day!

Party Hours

We don't have a set closing hour or any time-limit for the entertainment ... we want you to enjoy your day to the fullest.


Includes decoration of the wedding hall, table centres and buffet table arrangements all done with fresh flowers.


Variety of diferent types of cake, chosen by you.



Appetizers are served in the cool shade of the garden adjoining the reception halls. or the sunny lounge area or, if you prefer, indoors. All areas have plenty of comfortable seating.

Open Bar

The bar stays open for three hours after the meal.

Main Meal

With a starter, Fish course (except in service 1), meat course and dessert served at table. Also icludes wine and soft drinks.


Our table service is assured by waiters with training and experience.


Dessert Table

With a variety of delicious cakes and other desserts which are, chosen by you.

Fruit Table

with a variety of in season and tropical fruit.

Cheese Table

with the most popular natinal and european cheeses.


Licensed Venue

The venue is fully licensed to cater and serve drinks. The kitchen is monitored by a team of health and safety advisors with regular checks on the kitchen and storage facilities.

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